North America and the Pacific Area

In 2013, North America and the Pacific Area 17 generated sales revenue of $ 2,759.3m, up from $ 2,730.0m the previous year (+1.1), with the following performance by channel: 

 ($m)  2013  2012  Change 
 Airports   2,264.6   2,237.1   1.2% 
 Motorways   440.4   433.2   1.7% 
 Others   54.3   59.8   (9.1%) 
 Total   2,759.3   2,730.0   1.1% 

On a comparable basis 18, revenue at US airports 19 increased by 8.9%, outperforming a 1.5% rise in traffic 20. This excellent performance with respect to traffic reflects a greater number of transactions and especially an increase in the average purchase per customer, thanks to the addition of new concepts with broader menu options and to targeted marketing initiatives. The overall increase in airport sales was 1.2%, significantly lower than growth on a comparable basis due to the sale of the North American travel retail business in the fourth quarter of 2013, the Group’s exit from various locations, and the reduction in retail space at the airports of San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix and New York JFK after renewals in prior years.

US motorway revenue was up by 7.2% on a comparable basis despite a 0.2% decline 21 in traffic, while overall revenue growth in this channel came to 1.7%, due to the lapse of the Maryland Turnpike contract that was only partially offset by openings on the Ontario Turnpike in Canada.

Sales in the other channels were down by 9.1% for the year, because of the Group’s exit from certain shopping centre locations.

In North America and the Pacific, EBITDA amounted to $ 299.5m, an increase of 2,7% on the $ 291.5m in 2012, and rose from 10.7% to 10.9% of revenue.

The improved profitability stems mainly from the reduction in general and administrative costs. The figure includes restructuring expenses of $ 3.9m ($ 5.3m in 2012). Excluding those non-recurring expense and the sale of the US travel retail business, EBITDA grew by 3.7% and came to 11% of revenue in 2013.