Other European countries

Revenue from other European countries in 2013 came to E 753.0m, an increase of 4.7% on the previous year’s E 723.0m (+4.2% at current exchange rates).

Sales by channel are detailed below: 

 (€m)  2013  2012  2012  At constant exchange rates  
 Motorways   402.1   381.2   5.5%   5.9% 
 Airports   201.2   191.3   5.2%   5.9% 
 Railway stations    112.2   109.4   2.5%   3.0% 
 Other   37.6   41.1   (8.5%)   (7.4%) 
 Total   753.0   723.0   4.2%   4.7% 

Il canale autostradale, che registra complessivamente un aumento del 5,9% (+5,5% a cambi correnti), vede al suo interno andamenti differenziati nei vari Paesi di presenza: le nuove aperture in Germania (10 locali) e l’acquisizione di nuovi contratti in 10 aree di servizio in Belgio hanno più che compensato gli effetti negativi del perdurare della crisi in Spagna e la chiusura di 11 punti di vendita in Francia.

The motorway channel, showing overall growth of 5.9% (+5.5% at current exchange rates), experienced diverse trends from one country to another: 10 new openings in Germany and the acquisition of contracts at 10 rest stops in Belgium more than offset the ongoing crisis in Spain and the closure of 11 locations in France.

The airport channel performed well (+5.9% or +5.2% at current exchange rates), thanks to new openings in Marseille and the United Kingdom, revised menus at some Zurich airport locations, and sales growth in Northern Europe.

Sales at railway stations were up by 3.0% (+2.5% at current exchange rates), mostly on the strength of new openings at Gare de l’Est and Gare Saint- Lazare in Paris.

EBITDA in other European countries amounted to € 49.0m, an increase of 18.5% on the previous year’s E 41.4m (+18.1% at current exchange rates).

The 2013 figure includes net non-recurring charges 25 of E 0.5m (E 1.9m in 2012). Excluding non-recurring items, EBITDA would have grown by 14.5% (14.1% at current exchange rates) thanks to the positive impact of the reorganizations carried out in prior years in Greece, Spain and Switzerland; the contribution of new locations in Belgium; and the increased revenue in Northern Europe. As a result of these improvements, the EBITDA margin rose from 5.7% to 6.5%.